CSX Transportation

Radnor Yard, Nashville, TN

Union Pacific Railroad

Niland Geyser Mapping​

CSX Transportation

Radnor Yard, Nashville, TN

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) is looking to increase capacity and improve the flow of goods along 7th and Matitime Streets in and out of the Port of Oakland's facilities.  The proposed 7th Street Grade Separation Project will provide maximum operational flexibility for both vehicular and rail traffic. 

Zephyr UAS, Inc. (ZUI) provided collection services of ortho-rectified photogrammetry and mapping in support of the environmental and preliminary engineering analysis of the proposed grade separation.  This area was particularly challenging because of active railroad operations through the Union Pacific Railroad's main track and storage yard facilities.  Other rail operations include BNSF's Oakland International Gateway and the Port's Outer Harbor Intermodal Terminal. 

ZUI's use of survey-grade UAVs were able to provide accurate and high-definition data without disturbing vehicular or railroad operations.  

Transtech Engineers, Inc. 

Florence Avenue Mapping


  • Location:  Oakland, CA
  • Date Completed:  September 2017
  • Services Provided:  Aerial Mapping

Zephyr UAS Inc. (ZUI) was contracted by Terwilliger Plaza to perform an as-built survey of a major slope stabilization project in the southwest Portland area.

The geotechnical improvements were installed to strengthen a steep slope which currently retains a public two-lane highway, residential housing, significant amounts of vegetation, and overhead power lines. The slope was strengthened with improvement measures which included a steel mesh and several rows of anchor bolts to maintain the it hillside’s integrity.

ZUI performed an as-built survey of the post-construction condition utilizing state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. After checking and obtaining airspace authorization, data collection was completed over the course of two hours.  Utilizing 250+ photos, our team created a 3D model of the slope from which we extracted an orthorectified mosaic, a densified point cloud, and CADD features of the anchor bolts. This information will be utilized as visualization methods in the Owner’s coordination with adjacent stakeholders such as the Oregon Department of Transportation and neighboring homeowner’s associations.  

Alameda County Transportation Commission

7th Street Grade Separation

  • Location:  Nashville, TN
  • Date Completed:  May 2017
  • Services Provided:  Aerial Mapping
  • Location:  Bell, CA
  • Date Completed:  April 2018
  • Services Provided:  Aerial Mapping

Due to dangerous thermal conditions from the springing activity of a geyser adjacent to the existing mainline, Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) needs to study the possible realignment of approximately 4.5 miles of mainline track along the Yuma Subdivision near Niland, CA.  As it continues to spring, the geyser is eroding the existing ground and thus damaging the integrity of the existing track structure.

Zephyr UAS, Inc. (ZUI) responded to an emergency request to collect aerial mapping data for a 1,500-foot swath centered on the proposed realignment corridor for this portion of trackwork infrastructure in Imperial County. Our team was on-site within 48 hours and collected nearly 5 miles worth of mapping data over the course of two days in temperatures over 102ºF.  ZUI also collected photo and video using a thermal sensor to determine any weaknesses in the existing trackwork structure.  ZUI produced a highly-accurate digital terrain model (DTM) for UPRR’s design purposes within a week from the initial mission request. 


Terwilliger Plaza

As-Built Survey

  • Location:  Portland, OR
  • Date Completed:  October 2018
  • Services Provided:  Aerial Mapping, 3D Modeling


Zephyr UAS, Inc. (ZUI) provided aerial photography and aerial mapping services to provide as-built data to CSX for one of its network's largest hump yards.  ZUI’s innovative UAV-collected data was integral in providing an as-built of the yard in record time and with accuracies that surpassed the client's expectations. The surface data allowed the team's designers to provide reliable track plan and profile information to CSX to determine the existing condition of this incredibly busy yard terminal, allowing them to accurately and expediently analyze their current railroad operation.

Data was collected in only 2 days and in such a manner that existing operations were not disrupted, whereas traditional survey methods would have required vacating tracks and impacting operations.  Instead, ZUI provided accurate 3D information of this dynamic and historic rail hump yard with no impact to CSX business.


As a Subconsultant to Transtech Engineers, Inc., ZUI provided aerial mapping and data collection services for almost two miles of Florence Avenue from Salt Lake Avenue to Walker Avenue in the City of Bell, California. The data ZUI collected served as the basis for engineering design of pedestrian safety improvements within the existing public right-of-way of Florence Avenue. Proposed improvements include civil roadway measures at road intersections, crosswalk and sidewalk improvements, and landscape enhancements.

ZUI provided an ortho-rectified aerial mosaic, a dense 3D point cloud, and a digital surface model (DSM) for the entire project area. ZUI was able to collect and process the data for this project within three days of NTP.


  • Location:  Niland, CA
  • Date Completed:  June 2018
  • Services Provided:  Aerial Mapping, Aerial Photography & Video, Video Editing Services